The Birds, Who Are They?

At first when I was watching The Birds, the only question that really stood strong in my mind was “why?”. Why are the birds attacking the people? Are they hungry? Did we destroy their habitat (Which doesn’t seem likely in this case because this town was fine for years)? These questions were flying at me just as fast as the birds were in the film, but eventually as the class discussion became more and more heated and Mulvey’s work was brought in to help us, our understanding of the birds change. Instead of asking why the birds are attacking, we have to ask who or what are the birds are supposed to represent. I initially thought that the birds represented the mother and her closeness to her son, and the birds were in some way connected to her. Now this all seems a little crazy after the fact because the actual answer doesn’t have to include science fiction rules. From what I’m seeing the birds represent us as society, in the way that they gaze at the characters below, as if what they are doing is against our ideological standards and we must put them in there place. Kind of messed up considering we’re supposed to root for the people.

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3 thoughts on “The Birds, Who Are They?”

  1. I would agree with you on the birds representing the mother and her protective nature, the birds slowly take down the women surrounding Mitch. Being that the film is sci fi this could still be one way to answer who the birds are.

  2. Interesting on how you think the birds are a representation of something. I didn’t look at it like that on the first glance, but it makes sense thinking about it now. Science fiction films leave a lot up in the air for questioning and deciphering codes.

  3. I think the Birds also represent Mitch’s mother, they couldn’t accept the teacher and she also became similar to the mother and became very protective over Mitch, even going as far as to move to the town he lived in to be close to him. Melanie started as an independent woman, but as the birds started to attack her more she became much more dependent on Mitch for him to take care of her, just like the way his mother expected him to take care of her.

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