Negative Image

In “Activating the Negative Image” Racquel Gates she brings up the interesting situationĀ of how Melissa Harris-Perry show had a panel made up entirely of like minded individuals, which i think is too common in Media as a whole. Whether it’s “serious” political networks like CNN or Fox, orĀ even talk shows, many times guests only differ in opinion by so much. They often times don’t take a full look at issues and instead just support each others opinions, leaving the audience without any other opinion than the one presented. People often bring up the importance of diversity in panels, but they’re normally talking about it in the shallow sense; as in the color of their skin, whats between their legs, or who they sleep with. The importance of diversity is in peoples thoughts and ideas, the things that actually make people interesting, until people can come to realize that encouraging people to all think individually is what’s important instead of everyone looking different then these shows will become more important.

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2 thoughts on “Negative Image”

  1. I agree, there should be diversity in all settings whether political or music or news. To have a discussion with others about a topic in which the entire room can agree on is essentially no discussion at all. It’s extremely bias and promotes partisanship. In my opinion, it also promotes bigotry.

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